Monday, March 21, 2011

I found a neat lamp that you can make with materials that you can easily find at home. The only materials that you need to make this lamp are: paper, glue, scissors, and a (old) lantern. To make the lamp you just need to cut strips from scrap paper and glue them on the shade. The result is “an incredibly stunning artichoke-like lamp that looks expensive but it truly cost you nothing.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As I was researching I found this blog post about a stunning house in New Delhi, India it has contemporary influences. “Different textures adorn the house and create a sense of serenity and peace. Earthy tones enhance warmth that emanate from the interiors of the house.” I just simply love how it brings nature into the space. I would have never thought of putting a pool on the top floor also like the lighting fixtures since they are modern but in the way they are put in a way that they don’t make the space feel cold and instead they bring everything together making the space feel peaceful.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Multi-purpose furniture

As I was looking around I found Clei a Italian company that specialize in researching and manufacturing furniture that let you squeeze out every inch of usable space at home. “Clei responds with highly specialized collections, composed by patented integrated transformable systems, as a solution to furnish while multiplying the value of the space.” Nearly all the furniture featured here has at least two functions built in. This multi-purpose furniture would come highly recommended for people struggling with floor space and those looking for ways to improvise.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Brand Van Egmond

As I was looking for new products I found BRAND VAN EGMOND which it’s a design firm that makes custom lighting. Every year BRAND VAN EGMOND launches new collections of handcrafted lighting sculptures in freedom with fun and passion in MILAN. These custom lighting fixtures are amazing I love how they are built with objects that I would have never imagined in putting on a chandelier. Each lighting fixture is inspired by something in specific.


Monday, February 14, 2011

String Tree

I was on re-nest blog and I found this post on how to make as string tree wall mural. Which I’m actually going to try to put in my room. I think it’s great. Since, it uses materials that I would have never though of using to make a mural. It also gives a lot of visual interest into any room. I think it can be use on a kid’s room. Therefore, “this impressive mural was made by artist Kathryn Anderson.” Here are the steps on how to make it and what you need.

PushpinsBrown yarn or stringA piece of wood to use as a thimble


Make the Outline: Begin by putting pushpins into the wall in the general shape of the tree you'd like to create. Using a piece of wood as a "thimble" will spare your fingers from blisters and from becoming numb. Kathryn begins with a photo of a tree printed out to give her the basic guide as to the shape she's going for.
A few tips from Kathryn on designing your tree:
Don't be too symmetrical or regular with the branches, trees are not ladders.
Generally odd numbers of things look better than even.
Don't try to make it too perfect. Trees grow kind of wonky.
Don't be too linear. Jump around with the string.

2. Begin to Wrap the String: Using a brown yarn, begin to wrap the string around the push pins. Start with the trunk and then do each brand individually. Kathryn advises not to be too linear—jump around with the string and double back to give more texture or the appearance of bark. Feel free to use the same pin many times.

3. Add Character: To make knotholes, make a ring or two of pushpins and wrap the string in a circle while weaving in and out. Vary the size of branches and the spacing between them. Let branches overlap.

4. Starting and Stopping: To take a break, simply tack the string firmly into place with a pushpin and wind it around a few times to maintain tension.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Unique Living

I was researching for home accessories and I Found this store called Le souk. I love the style since it mixes modern, traditional, and handmade. “The founder Danielle de Lange (The Netherlands) has a passion for design and style. She travels the world to find unique goods that not only inspire and look great, but are functional as well.” Therefore, every thing in the store is unique bur it works perfectly like the rose pillow they have. Their wallpers are great because you can personalize them like the Familjen Wallpaper which you can add your own pictures to it. The one that I really loved was the coral pendant since it’s a true eye-catcher. Here are some other things they have.

le souk link:


Monday, February 7, 2011

Productive kitchen

I went to Home Depot and I was wondering trough the kitchen section. I found out that now the cabinets are designed to be more productive. There were two different styles of drawers where you put the kitchen utensils. One had slanted wood were they can be arranged perfectly. But the one that I really loved was the drawer that was divided into two and the top part slides in and out, giving more space for more kitchen utensils but at the same time it can keep everything more organized. I also noticed that now all the drawers slide-in making them more efficient space would be wasted or unused. Now every single space can be used, making the kitchen more efficient.