Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Arranging furniture in small spaces

These spaces give me ideas on how you can arrange furniture in really small places and how things can be multi functional because the picture on the top the TV can be on the bedroom as well as in the living room which it’s amazing that it can work both ways. The table/cabinet divides the two spaces and on one side it can be a book case and on the other side it can be cabinets for storage. While in the other room where the bed it’s against the kitchen. The wall division works perfectly but I would have never thought of putting a bed against the kitchen counter which for me it is unique but it works perfectly.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Places that inspires me

During the Winter break I went to Mexico City and visited Santa fe, Mexico which I used to visit when I was little but at that time I really didn’t appreciate architecture that much. When I got to the shopping center I was amazed with the interiors of every store since they were modern but at the same time they brought nature in. I noticed that they were working on an amplification which it’s going to look amazing. Then I started researching more about Santa Fe and the shopping center ampliation. I found out that Santa Fe, it’s one of the newest and most modern districts of the city. And the shopping center which it’s called “Centro SANTA FE” is one of the country’s largest shopping center with more than 300 stores and now with the amplification it’s going to be considered to be the shopping center, services and entertainment most important of Mexico. I would have never imagined how in few years it has changed so drastically I am waiting for the amplification to be done. I think that it’s well planned and I love how nature is brought into the space.